Friday, April 11, 2014

Safe Arrival in Ecuador!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Hi Everyone, this is Jessica's Dad.  We finally received word this afternoon that Hermana Bartholomew arrived safely in Ecuador on Tuesday, April 8.

From her last e-mail home before she left the Mexico MTC on Monday, April 7, we expected to be able to talk to her by phone late that Monday night or very early Tuesday morning (April 8).  She expected that she would have time either at the Mexico City airport, or during a layover in Bogota, Columbia.  We ended up having a long sleepless night filled with the anticipation of receiving a phone call from her at any time, but the call never came.  We figured that she either had problems with the calling card, couldn't find a payphone, or didn't have enough time between connecting flights to call.  (It turns out that the calling card she took on her mission did not work in the Bogota airport.)  

On Tuesday morning I looked up flight information on the internet and figured that she would be arriving around 10:30 AM in Guayaquil.  We fully expected to receive an e-mail from the mission office letting us know of her arrival in Ecuador - we just didn't think it would take 3 days!!!  I guess things must move at a different pace down there.  But, better late than never!

Following is the e-mail we received from the mission office, a nice letter from her new mission president, and a handwritten letter from Jessica!

E-mail from Mission Office:

11 April 2014

Bartholomew Family,

Receive a warm greeting from our part.  It pleases us to inform you that Sister Bartholomew has arrived to the mission field without any complications.  We are very happy to receive her in the Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission.  Attached you will find the following: One picture of your daughter with President and Sister Amaya, one of the group with which she came, and one with her companion.  You will also find a letter written by your daughter and a letter written by President Amaya.

Thank you for the support you give to Sister Bartholomew.

Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission

Hermana Bartholomew with her Mission President and wife - Presidente & Hermana Amaya

April 2014 New Missionary Group - Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission

Letter from President & Sister Amaya:

Guayaquil, 11 April 2014

Dear Bartholomew Family,

After her experience in the MTC we had the wonderful opportunity to receive Hermana Bartholomew at the airport along with other missionaries in her group, we shared together a welcome lunch, and special moments starting her mission. She received instruction on the rules of the mission and the correct manner to work, she met her first companion, Hermana Toledo from Chile and was trained in the "Plan of First Twelve Weeks," according to the direction we have received from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve.

Every Monday in her preparation day she has the opportunity to write to family, we hope you will encourage and support her.

Your daughter is doing very well, she loves you all, and she is progressing.  She is an excellent missionary and has an admirable conduct about her.  We express our gratitude for having prepared her to serve the Lord and supported her.

For Sister Amaya and I it is a great privilege to have her in the mission. It is an honor to help and guide her in the sacred process of developing her potential so she can serve the Lord the best she can. You have done very well, Congratulations. The Lord will strengthen her, help her and guide her through the Spirit, of whom Hermana Bartholomew will now have to depend on as never before in her life.

Sincerely yours, and May the Lord bless you.

President and Sister Amaya
Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission

First Companion - Hermana Toledo

Handwritten Letter from Jessica:

We look forward to hearing from Jessica again this coming Monday on her first P-day in Ecuador!

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