Monday, November 3, 2014

Dulce o Folleto!!

November 3, 2014

Well hello there lovely family!!! ¿Comó están? Hope you all had a feliz HALLOW!!! WE sure did.

Well first off, Hallow isn’t that big here in Ecuador. Many think it is a satanic holiday, and then the missionaries are asked why they would celebrate such a holiday...jaja! So in the little urbanizations where many people adopt American traditions, all the kids were going from house to house asking for candy. They say, "DULCE O TRIC?!" Haha!

Well shoot, we are missionaries, we don’t have a stash of candy, what in the world could we give these little kids?....FOLLETOS!!!! So we gave each of them a "The Gospel of Jesus Christ" pamphlet and we shared a bag of popcorn with them. Contacting through trick-or-treating is the best way so far to meet FAMILIES here in Primavera!


This week, well the 4 days since my last letter, many people were out of town to get an early start on the Ecuador national holidays today and Tuesday so NO ONE WAS HOME! But I will give you a quick update on everyone.

Familia Jara did have a lesson on the priesthood with the Familia Torres, and I LOVED seeing their faces light up with excitement for the great privilege of receiving the priesthood. Mi querida [my beloved] family went out of town for the weekend, so Gregorio and Luis Gonzalo will receive the priesthood this coming Sunday. They are also so excited to work on their Family History booklets to go to the temple and do ordinance work for their ancestors. Nothing much, but they continue being the greatest family ever.

Esdrina went out of town with Familia Jara, so we didn’t share much with her either. But she also told us that she thought the Law of Chastity was just a suggestion, and that she had understood that she doesn’t have to live the commandment before her baptism, so we will see if her future husband wants to get married or not. We are praying que SI [that yes]!!!!!!

We haven’t seen Liliam and Enrique Bustamante in a week, so hopefully we will be able to share something with them this week.

Priscilia Torres went to the baptism of the Jara family but didn’t want to come to church. And, in spite of the pleas of her 13 year old son Sebastian, she didn’t want to come down and join us for family night on Sunday. It broke my heart to see him come down the stairs bawling that his mom said no. He wants so badly for his mom to accept the gospel but she just doesn’t want to yet. :( I gave him one of the pictures of Christ that mom sent me – the one with all the children gathered around Him and He is smiling. We were able to testify that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ IS so happy when we strive to share the gospel and that He understands the stubbornness of Sebastian’s mom. We also told Sebastian that he is getting PRE training for the mission. They are the greatest family - I have faith that one day Priscilia will join the church.

Speaking of our Savior being pleased with our service to Him...I was able to say my final goodbyes to Hermana Toledo and Hermana Rodriguez today. 

Goodbye to Hermana Rodriguez

Goodbye Party for Hermana Rodriquez

With Hermana Rodriguez and Virginia on her last P-day
(wishing I wore glasses)

Goodbye to Hermana Toledo

[Jessica told me not to put this next picture on the blog, but she's not the blogger, and what she doesn't know won't hurt her :)]

This is my MAMITA TOLEDO squeezing my cheeks like always. :) haha

My beloved trainer, Hermana Toledo

I am ETERNALLY grateful for each of these ladies and their perfect example of TRUE DEDICATION TO THIS WORK. They know, as do I, the great blessings that this gospel brings to ALL, and the wonderful blessing we have in sharing it with others. OUR Savior is so proud of them and their unwavering service dedicated in His name.

Elder Jeffery R Holland said, "I believe we have all been created for greater things than we can comprehend." The plan of our heavenly father is truly perfect. I absolutely LOVE being a missionary and am BEYOND happy to serve him until the end.

Hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you all for the love and prayers - they are felt daily!

Con Amor,

Hermana Bartholomew

P.S. Funny Story

At the going away party for Hermana Rodriguez there was a young man there named Elder - and I'm not talking about the missionaries.  Yup, and not only his name, but his father’s name, his grandfather’s name....ELDER?!?!  He is an investigator of the other Hermanas here in Primavera - none of his family are members.  We think that perhaps his great grandfather saw some missionaries walking in the street and thought that Elder was a beautiful name...haha who knows. 

The Hermanas and the Elders!

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