Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day

December 29, 2014

We received a brief e-mail from Hermana Bartholomew today, explaining that her preparation day this week has been moved to Thursday (New Year’s Day).  I guess ringing in the New Year in Ecuador is quite the elaborate celebration, and there won’t be a lot of missionary work going on that day! 

We did have the chance to talk to Jessica via Skype (with video) on Christmas day.  As all missionary families know, it was a much anticipated (the BEST) Christmas gift for our family after 7 ½ months since we last spoke to her in person on Mother’s day.   She is doing amazing.  Her upbeat, positive attitude was inspiring and contagious. 

As part of our conversation, we asked her to speak to us in Spanish.  What followed was a very heartfelt, tearful few minutes of sharing feelings about her missionary experience, and thoughts about the gospel of Jesus Christ, all expressed in her new-found native language.  If you close your eyes and just listen to her speak, she could even pass for a native Ecuadorian.  

We recorded her speaking to us,  Even if you don’t speak or understand Spanish, I think you will enjoy listening to her and feeling of her spirit.  Enjoy!

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