Monday, May 11, 2015


May 11, 2015

Hi beautiful family, long time no see! ;)  I feel like I just saw you yesterday...oh wait, I DID!  Skyping was everything AND MORE!  

[Click on this link to watch a small portion of our Mother's Day Skype]

But I guess I will still write you all a little something, just because I love you all THAT much! 

As you all know we found another little family that are BEYOND excited for this month because they will be married and BAPTIZED!  Milton and Genesis and Matias are the greatest and LOVE to pray and sing hymns.  I’ll keep you updated. 

This week as I was traveling back from Guayaquil, we took a taxi from Quevedo to Buena Fe which is about 30 minutes of travel time.  We started to talk to the taxi driver and he expressed how he hasn’t enjoyed the last few years of living here in Quevedo.  We asked him why and he started to explain how work is the worst, and family life isn’t the greatest, and the many others worries of his life.  We asked him, “and through all this time, how have you felt about God?”  He paused and simply said, “I feel like He isn’t there.”

As we testified to this man of the struggles that GOD allows us to have, and why, and invited him to pray THAT night to feel that he TRULY IS THERE...I am pretty sure that Heavenly Father was guiding the car because there is NO way that he could of kept on driving on his own with all the tears in his eyes.  As he quietly let the tears stream down his face, he asked who we were.  We explained that we were sent from God to let him know that HE is aware of him and that his “afflictions will be but a small moment!”  We gave him almost every pamphlet that we had and a picture of Christ.  He thanked us with a warm handshake and called us ANGELS.  Usually the men here call me “angel” just because I am white! haha  BUT this one witnessed that we ARE sent from our Heavenly Father to testify of Him and His Son.  Oh how grateful I am that we were ANGELS for him that day. 

Well as you all know I just LOVE being a missionary!  I’ll see all your lovely faces again soon!  AND I am still freaking out for Megan and her CALL!!!  Where on earth will you GO?! 

I love you all lots and lots! :* 

Hermana Bartholomew 

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