Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Favorite Purchases for my Mission

I have been frequently asked where I purchased Ecuador themed gifts and mission specific suggested clothing.  So here they are:

1. Ecuador ring with heart over Guayaquil
I am obsessed with this ring.  I got it on Etsy, here.  It came very quickly and for a very affordable price (only $35! Woot! Woot! Others are $75+).  The item description says that they only make Stateside rings, but they can do any foreign country as well.  Specify which country/state and city of where you want the heart to be over in the comment section during checkout. 

2. Ecuador Flag Pin
I love my Ecuador pin, which is basically the girl version of the flag tie pins that are made for Elders.  I got this here, also on Etsy.  Meg, the lady who owns this shop, was adorable and very helpful and sent a cute note with my order.  

3. Missionary Necklace

I purchased this and it has not arrived yet, but I can't wait to have my family send this to me in Ecuador!!! AHH I'm going to Ecuador, so crazy.  Anyway, so you have the choice of a wood country or silver and also a circle pendant with the mission scripture or name or whatever you want (the circle pendant can be replaced with a pearl).  

4. One Line a Day- 5 year Memory Book

I saw this at Barnes and Noble and thought it would be perfect for a missionary.  Each page has 5 entry spaces for 5 years.  So in 2019 it will be a wonderful way to reminisce on previous years and see what you did each year on April 25th (hopefully it wasn't too hot and not too cold and all you needed was a light jacket ;) 

5. Arvo watch 

Oh Arvo!  What else is there to say.  I happen to know the owners and love them to pieces.  This is the PERFECT watch, which you can purchase here.  Classy and simple.  Bring on the tan line. 

6. Hunter Rain Boots 

Hunter boots are perfect for rain and snow.  They are a little pricy but are very high quality and will LAST 18 months and then some! Plus they are super cute.  I got these at Nordstrom.

7. Cap Sleeve Shirts
These are not the same as the ones from DownEast, they are lighter fabric and sweat-wicking so better for humid environments. The boutique, Sugar Pop, does not have a website, but they are located in the Fashion Place Mall by Dillard's.   

If you have any questions, comment and hopefully my sister will know! 

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