Monday, January 26, 2015

Best Friends for the Eternities

January 26, 2015


Let’s just say we had a HAPPY ending to the story that began with Enrique Gonzales a few months ago....which actually started with Familia Jara.  Gregorio Jara met Enrique while serving time in jail for a crime committed by his renters, and he and Enrique became best friends.  After Enrique was released from jail (he was also serving time for a crime he didn’t commit),   Familia Jara basically adopted him as one of their family, even giving him a room in their home to live in. 

One of the first things that Gregorio desired for Enrique after his release, was for us to teach his best friend.  The spirit that filled the Jara home each time we taught Enrique was INCREDIBLE.  My favorite was when we would teach him, he quietly would repeat almost everything we were saying to internalize our message.  This was always followed by his head nodding in agreement to EVERYTHING!  He is the greatest. 

After we asked Enrique who he wanted to baptize him, and he asked if I could (haha nope, I don’t have the priesthood), we suggested that Gregorio could baptize him.  (Gregorio had received the priesthood a couple of weeks after his own baptism.)  Gregorio’s face, when we told him that he could baptize his best friend, was seriously THE happiest moment of his life, and mine. 

Truly, one of the greatest blessings for me as a missionary is to see the changes and the happiness that comes into the lives of others as they align their lives with the Savior’s gospel.  Then to see THEM desire to help everyone else feel that same joy that comes through Jesus Christ and the power of His Atonement is beyond description.  Gregorio baptized his best friend, Enrique on Saturday, January 24th, and they will be that happy for the eternities.  #Rejoice Evermore!

THE two happiest guys in this world. 
To say that Gregorio was excited to baptize Enrique, is a COMPLETE understatement. 

Hna Vilchez, Enrique Gonzales, Gregorio Jara, and Hna B.

We are keeping busy as we now are in charge of the 2 sectors until March!!!  WAHOO! :)  

Sorry this is so short.  We are writing late again today and are now heading to a family home evening with some ward members.  I will update you all better on our new investigators next week! 

LOVE YOU all!  

Have a happy week!  

Hermana Bartholomew

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