Tuesday, January 20, 2015


January 19, 2015

CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! This is not the sound that follows our footsteps as my cute companion and I are walking (plus, I do not even have high heels here) ..... it is for innocently SQUASHING GRASSHOPPERS (grios). YES you heard me right. The streets, the houses, the church, they are all FULL of grasshoppers. And these are not the normal grasshoppers that you would find back home in good old UTAH. THEY FLY. But they are not the sharpest tools in the shed, because they fly for like two seconds and then run into something, which WAY too many times this week was into my NECK! AHH. One day mi hijita came down from the bathroom before personal study and had one just chillin 'on her shoulder. Pobresita [Poor thing]. And everyone tells us, oh this is just the beginning of winter.
SO basically, this week was RAIN all day long, SUN so hot you just keep praying to move forward, and of course because of Condensation, Precipitation, and Evaporation, it RAINS all day the next day. But we both LOVE rain, so we are ENDURING and REJOICING evermore.  

Familia Leon had their first Family Home Evening in their home as MEMBERS of the church, and I am not kidding, 50 or more people came !!!! People were sitting on the floor, scrunched on the couch, and standing in the corner. ..let's just say the house was full of people ... and the SPIRIT. Hermano Victor gave the lesson, ESO !! And I was in charge of the game .... so OF COURSE we played Charades, but BOOK of MORMON version, SO much fun.  

ENRIQUE CAME TO CHURCH !!!! He is OVERLY excited for his baptism this week, as are we, and YOU should be too;..) It is absolutely amazing how receptive Enrique is to the gospel and the Spirit Hermana Vilchez and I definitely came to Ecuador to find HIM. Stay tuned for the JOYFUL fotos next week. 

Kleber IS Another Investigator we Inherited from Hermana Velasquez y Alcazar, and truth IS, we walked to his House every Day hoping to teach him, but he WAS Never at home.   BUT we Have high hopes That we Will Find him this week and That he still wants to get baptized this Saturday as well.
Sorry this is so short and scrabbled, but we painted a house ALL DAY long for PDAY ... so now the time has come to go teach some families.  

I LOVE service.
I LOVE Gods perfect plan. 
AND I LOVE being a missionary. 

Until next week, 

Hermana Bartholomew 

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