Monday, March 9, 2015


March 9, 2015

What have I learned from being on the mish?!?!  That Familias are eternal but COMPANIONSHIPS are not. :(  TUVE CAMBIOS!!!!!!! [I was transferred]

I absolutely loved every second that I had in Duran, and my sector Primavera and will miss everyone DEARLY!  Sunday night we were visiting Familia Jara, and when it came my turn to share my testimony I just looked at all of them and the Spirit told me...Hey President just moved your picture to another sector...NOOO!!!  Let’s just say my companion was confused at why I was crying, and she told me repeatedly, right up until midnight that I wasn’t leaving.  That was until the zone leaders called me and said that it was true...CAMBIOS! 

And for some reason I just knew I was going to QUEVEDO!!!  PILAS!!  I was right!  With a long bus ride, I am now 3+ hours away from Guayaquil and in CHINA TOWN (apparently there are a lot of Chinese people here…haven’t seen one yet though.  I’ll keep you posted;))  So my new area is actually 30 minutes from the center of Quevedo in a little town called BUENA FE, which means GOOD FAITH (many of the names of the cities here in Ecuador are actually faith-based, and spiritually strengthening...if you are looking for a miracle go to MILAGRO! haha)

Quevedo, Ecuador

Buena Fe, Ecuador

Buena Fe, Ecuador

As sad as I am to leave all of my dear friends in Duran, I am beyond excited for this new sector.  Oh, and how could I forget about my new companion, Hermana Blacutt from La Paz (no clue where that is exactly).  She has only had 3 weeks here, so let’s just say we are both pretty new!  She is adorable and I am excited to have her as my companion.  (Dad don’t kill me, but we don’t have any pictures together that I can send you yet...but don’t worry they will come the next week!)

Going Away Party for our Zone Leader, Elder Cuberos from Columbia who finished his mission

Hemana Vilchez, Hna B, Elder Cuberos, Elder Sink

Saying goodbye to mi hijita - Hermana Vilchez

So I apologize for not writing much the last two weeks, but they were nuts!  Two weeks ago I was starting to write and then the Assistants to the President called and asked how I was, and how my p-day was going?  I just kept thinking how weird it was that they were calling us...so then I thought maybe they were calling to tell me I had cambios.  Then Elder Bench tells me that he has some good news...he said, “Presidente tiene mucho confianza en usted hermana y quiere llamarle como la nueva lideresa” [President has a lot of confidence in you Hermana and he wants to call you as the new lideresa]. 

My reaction was a little bit of a nervous squeal sound that meant I didn’t quite know what to say.  Elder Bench said, “Wow Hermana, que animo en so voz [what excitement in your voice].  I told him, “Sorry I just don’t know what to say.  He reassured me that I would do well.  I am super excited but yet nervous at the same time. 

Last week on Tuesday I attended my first Consejo de Líderes [Leaders Council] with President & Hermana Riggins and all of the zone leaders and Hermana training leaders in the mission.  All of the new leaders had to share their testimonies…it was nerve wracking!!!!  

Ecuador, Guayaquil Norte Leaders Council
March 3, 2015

We have a Consejo [Council] each month and it is basically ALL day long.  On that day my companion goes to another sector with the compañera of another lideresa…hope that made sense.  

I will have an intercambio [exchange] (which is for 24 hours so we have sleepovers now!) each week with the Hermanas and help them in their sector and see how they are working.  I also receive their numbers from the week and provide encouragement and support.  I have had lots of ideas that came to my mind this week to try and help the others in their sector as well.  

With my cambio today, my responsibility will now shift to the Hermanas here in the Quevedo area of the mission.  I know with all my heart that I will love this area. This is sad to say, and even more awful to think about, but this may be my last area on my mission if the 5-6 months-in-one-area streak I have going continues, haha. 

Well family, I know that this is our Heavenly Father’s work and He has a profound personal interest in it.  I have GOOD FAITH here in BUENA FE that our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ guide this work and qualify those who are called to serve. 

I love and adore you all!  You are all the greatest!

Hermana Bartholomew signing off…a little sad, but SUPER pumped to start working in this new area. :)

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